When it comes to health benefits, few fruits can compare with the value banana offers its eaters. How many fruits are as sweet, tender, attractive & creamy as a banana? Any you can think of? I doubt. Stay with me as I will guide you through the research-based health benefits of banana.

What is a banana?

Banana is not only one of the most consumed fruits in the world, but also one of the healthiest. Due to the caloric and vitamin content it has, it is indicated for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, athletes and the elderly. 

Its flavour is sweet and delicious. Also, it is a fruit rich in vitamins C and B6, and essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, among others.

Health Benefits Of Banana

Now we know a little banana, let’s look out the numerous health benefits we get from eating a banana. Just like we said in the beginning, eating a banana is one of the healthiest decisions you can ever make. HJere is why. 

1. Banana Helps Prevent Cancer

Diet is the main factor in cancer prevention actions. In this sense, there are some types of cancer which the composition of banana could help prevent. This is due to its richness in minerals and vitamins.

In addition, the effect of high fibre consumption can be very beneficial and can reduce the risk of colon cancer by up to 42% (the fibre content of a banana is 2.5 grams).

Furthermore, banana is also beneficial to prevent cancer of the stomach (due to its high content of vitamin C), of the breast (thanks to its soluble fibres), pharynx and oesophagus (due to riboflavin), lung (the risk is increased in people with vitamin deficiency) A) and prostate (by vitamin E).

As you can see, this is so huge!

2. Banana Is Effective In The Control Of Anaemia Or Fatigue

Banana is very helpful for regaining strength. If consumed after exercising, it increases resistance capacity as it provides an excellent combination of carbohydrates and potassium, both necessary for muscle activity. In fact, this is why many athletes take it before or during competition.

It also provides B vitamins, essential for the production of energy in the cells. A medium banana provides 20% of the vitamin B6 that is needed daily and 12% of the folic acid. Furthermore, these vitamins protect the immune and nervous systems. 

3. Regulates Mood Disorders

If you often struggle with mood disorders, banana can be of help to you. Serotonin is a hormone directly related to mood: its decrease in the central nervous system causes anxiety, depression, aggressiveness, anguish and obsessions.

One of the ways to avoid this decrease is to enjoy good levels of L-tryptophan and potassium, elements that are found in high levels in bananas.

4. Banana Is A Great Help For Athletes

If you are observant or close to anyone who’s an athlete, you’ll understand they don’t joke with bananas. In the field of sports performance, there are indications to value this fruit as a recuperator after exercise and its consumption could be highly recommended in periods of high intensity.

Most athletes eat a banana before, during or even after their physical engagements.

4. Rich In Antioxidants

Although it is one of its most unknown benefits, bananas outperform many fruits in terms of antioxidants.

According to the ‘Oxigen Radical Absorbance Capacity’ index, which measures the antioxidant power of food, a banana has around 880 units, and the daily recommendation is between 3,000 and 5,000.

This simply makes banana one of the go-to fruits for all-round health development.

5. Reduce heartburn

Furthermore, bananas have an antacid effect on the body. When you feel heartburn, eat a banana and you will feel a quick, natural and relaxing relief. This is often immediate.

6. Provides Natural Defence Against Bacteria

Thanks to the vitamins it contains, banana can contribute to the proper development and functioning of the immune system through the synthesis of antibodies and increase the defensive mechanisms against bacteria.

It is also considered to increase the immunological activity of lymphocytes and the synthesis of proteins that respond to viruses. For their part, polyphenols have a recognized microbicidal effect.

7. Banana Has Anti-inflammatory Effect

Banana has traditionally been used topically to treat injury and against diarrhoea. The scientific reason for this custom is now known: different studies suggest that banana can reduce the formation of a free radical directly linked to cellular inflammation.

Another study published in 2014 recommends including this fruit in the diet of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.

8. The Best Weight Loss Ally

Banana consumption also has beneficial effects on the mechanisms associated with the hunger-anxiety cycle. On the one hand, it has a high content of pectin, a soluble fibre that increases the feeling of satiety (a feeling of being satisfied after eating).

In addition, hormones such as ghrelin (with a direct incidence on the control of body weight), leptin, are found in bananas, which help to achieve satiety and increase energy expenditure.

5. Ulcers Treatment

Banana is a recommended food for those who suffer from intestinal disorders. Its soft and smooth texture creates a protective layer on the stomach and neutralizes any acidity and irritation you may suffer.

6. Heart Protection

Although there are no direct studies, three of the components of the banana are beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension.

  • Fibre, which lowers cholesterol levels and improves insulin sensitivity. Consuming seven grams of fibre a day reduces the risk of this disease and this fruit contains three.
  • Potassium, which balances blood pressure. Banana, the most important source of this mineral, contains 592 mg, while banana 434/100 g.
  • Antioxidant vitamins. Carotenes, vitamins of the beta complex, vitamins C and E make this fruit a great antioxidant that can help protect the body at the cardiovascular level and promote vasodilation.

7. Calms The Nerves

Bananas are rich in vitamin B, essential for the nervous system.

A study by the Australian Institute of Psychology showed that most obese people are those who have a stressful job. The fat is due to looking for comfort food to try to avoid stress.

In their report, the researchers concluded that “to avoid cravings caused by work panic, you need to control your blood sugar levels by taking high-carbohydrate snacks every two hours.” So now you know! Eat a banana at work or while doing stressful activities.


As you have seen, there are lots of many benefits you can get from eating a banana. If you don’t always eat bananas, now is the best time to get started.

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